Are you a Foodie?

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If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve already diagnosed yourself with a Foodie status

For those who aren’t sure, ask yourself these questions?

1. Are you a picky eater?
2. Do you eat everything or does you taste buds change?
3. Do you like eating the same food or finding new places to eat?
4. Do you get mad when your soup is cold?
5. Do you get angry when your bread is hard?
6. Do you get frustrated when your chocolate is stale?
7. Do people ask you for food advise?
8. Do you consider yourself a food critic?
9. Are you particular with certain ingredients and how they mix together?
10. Are you experimental with your foods and flavors?

I have been diagnosed with Foodie even before “foodie” was a thing, or a term.

‘If you don’t want to eat this, then you’re not really hungry” my grand ma would say.

These days, it’s not any easier. It’s always a challenge to find tasty and healthy food options but luckily, I live in LA. It’s a melting pot when it comes to people, and foods, and that’s my favorite part about the city. It’s lala land when it comes to food, too. We’ve got so many amazing restaurants and endless opportunities to satisfy our taste buds.

Today, I was reminded of being a foodie when I had created a new menu item at Urth cafe, my brunch spot: I added a savery egg on top of the sweet and buttery Belgian waffle. Could you think of anything better for breakfast? I couldn’t…


But, most importantly– do you eat to fill your stomach or your heart?

Do you eat to satisfy your hunger or to savor the bite?

I say, we stop counting calories and just savor the moment.

It will digest better.