For girls who dream beyond the prince and who aren’t waiting for anyone to save them. For girls who love themselves first and who take responsibility for their own happiness.
Fairytales still happen, of course but these days, we’ve got to be own heroes and have the courage to write our own stories and design our own fairytales.
There is no one anymore. These days there are many. Many loves, many jobs, many fairytales.
The bad news is that the modern fairytales don’t last as long as the tales of the Once Upon A Time. The good news is that when you find your own Happily Ever After, life becomes a fairytales, the journey becomes the mission and the ability to live life in the moment is where all the magic happens.

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Design your own fairytales

dream beyond the prince

save yourself / be the hero of your life

write your own story- find your own path

Let your dreams guide you / Trust your journey

find self love within

find inner peace within

find unconditional happiness within

Feel the magic of the moment

know who you are

know what you want/ know your mission

trust your intutition

This isn’t about the destination wedding, it’s all about the journey of how you get to your dream life.

it’s not a journey of getting, but one of becoming. Tony Robbins.

these days, there isn’t just one guy, or one destination. there are many. and life is what happens while we’re busy planning our dream wedding and vacations. The only real life is the one that happens in the moment. It’s not the one you think of. It’s the one you feel.

live in the moment

You must choose your life in order to love it. Because love comes from appreciation. So, choose your own version of HEA and don;t be afraid to design your own fairytales.