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This week I thought I’d discuss my 5 favorite apps that I use on regular basis. These apps are needed for survival.

1) TRANSPORTATION: I know that most of us already have the Uber app but I had to include it as my number one. Let’s face it, we have come a long way since Uber appeared. Forget driving, looking for a designated driver, parking or valet! Uber is our personal driver, picking us up from anywhere and taking us wherever we want to go! Now when it comes to Lyft VS Uber, I prefer Uber due to the better functionality of the app and their advanced Customer Service. So, go Uber! [Download UBER Now and get your first ride for FREE!]

2) FOOD: Now that we have our transportation covered, the next on the list is our food. With so many food apps out there it can get confusing. I have tried them all including Grubhub, Eat24, UberEats, Postmates, etc. And the winner on my list is DoorDash. Why? The app is easy to use and it has everything, including alcohol. They’re super quick and they offer FREE deliveries for different restaurants. And, their Customer Service is great! [Download DoorDash Now and get FREE Delivery plus $7 OFF your first meal!]

3) MUSIC: For music I use Pandora. It’s easy to use, easy to create stations and you don’t need to worry about collecting your own music library. Just download Pandora and take it anywhere! I play it everyday on my Echo which is also a must-have, btw! [Download Pandora here]

4) MOVIES: For movies I use an app called Atom. So much easier than moviefone we used back in the day! It let’s you search by movie or theater, and buy your tickets instantly- including those movies that didn’t come out yet. You can also schedule movie events with a group of your friends which is cool. And, you get your first movie FREE when you sign up! [Download ATOM and get your first movie FREE!]

5) BOOKS: Finally, for books I use Audible, because it’s so much easier to hear a book than read a book! Plus, you get your first book FREE when you sign up! [Download Audible Now]

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