Los Angeles, California

Olianna Portnoy

Creative Director / Designer / Copywriter

Hi, and welcome to my page!

My name is Olianna. I'm an LA-based artsist specializing in digital design, content and social media. 

My Story 

I was born in  Eastern Europe and  raised in Montreal, Canada. I studied Social sciences at McGill University and graduated with a BA in Sociology. 

I enjoy traveling, film, storytelling and brainstorming.


My mission is to create and promote works of great taste and design. I care about my clients, my projects and my planet. I enjoy creating for the brands I love and promoting stories I believe in. I’m also proud to offer COMPLEMENTARY SERVICES to non-profits who share my mission to better the world.


Design and creative work is a true passion for me. I’m convinced that words and ideas have the power to change the world.


I believe in the quality of my work and will stand behind everything I build. I always work to improve and will never stop learning and growing.