Los Angeles, California

I’m an artist, designer and storyteller
who loves what I do, just as much as I love donuts.

Olianna Portnoy

Creative Director / Designer / Copywriter

I was born in Moldova, raised in Montreal and now live in sunny California. My diverse cultural background gave me an enriched perspective on life and helped develop my out-of-the-box thinking skills. My passion for design and creative abilities is what led me into the field of Marketing, Writing and Design. I enjoy film, storytelling, putting together new marketing concepts, developing new ideas and creating work that’s inspiring and "tasty".
donuts consumed
sweet projects
tasty certified brands


My mission is to create and promote works of great taste and design. I care about my clients, my projects and my planet. I enjoy creating for the brands I love and promoting stories I believe in. I’m also proud to offer COMPLEMENTARY SERVICES to non-profits who share my mission to better the world.


Design and creative work is a true passion for me. I’m convinced that words and ideas have the power to change the world.


I believe in the quality of my work and will stand behind everything I build. I always work to improve and will never stop learning and growing.